One Word 2016 (+ other malarkey)

    Vera means "truth," but I should have been named "stubborn." For instance, the moment something trends, I renounce it. I am not hipster, but pop culture repulses me, except T. Swift, and she was once on my s*** list. One tradition I despise is New Year Resolutions. Once upon a time, I once believed in "new year, new me" mentality, yet after picking up a fresh journal, writing for 2 days, and then forgetting about it repeatedly for many years, a Resolution just felt like setting up for failure. 

    The newest trend is "one word" for the New Year. Put that word on a piece of paper and tape it to your desk, laminate it and put it in the shower, make it your phone background, the password to facebook and e-mail, spell it in your alphabet soup.

One Word 2016 (+ other malarkey) by VeraLouShaw

    I don't plan on having one word define me for all of 2016, but I do plan to grow. Since I’ve plateaued at 5’8” and can’t will another few inches, I plan to grow in my abilities, such as: handwriting, art, vectorization of said art, coding (html for starters), speaking both Spanish and German, cooking healthy yet flavorful meals, and writing, aka this blog.

     I have no product to sell, no intriguing voice or humor that will bring people back, but I want to put my thoughts into words because that's free psychotherapy and I’m cheap.

    2016 marks a year to deepen and repair relationships. My relationship with J, my parents, siblings, and friends. 2016 is a time to proceed not with forgiveness, but instead amnesia. Each day forgetting all the past and giving new chances, with me actively choosing to show love, kindness, and all the good s***. 

    Love is: slow to anger, quick to kindness, it does not blah, blah, blah. (Side note: I wanted to puke at a wedding, when this passage read. Today, I really enjoy it. I guess I’m just stubborn.) Perhaps 2016 is the year I come to appreciate popular culture. If so, grow is my one word, but let’s first see if I make it to February.