5 Great Podcasts to Listen to in 2016

It's 2016. The majority of people in the United States own smart devices that have the ability to stream podcasts (the podcast app, overcast, cloudsound, etc). For those who are still on the search for quality podcasts to listen to, I bring you my favorites from 2015 that are continuing in 2016.

Top Podcasts of 2016

1) Being Boss: a conversational show with Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson discussing what it takes to run a business, raise a family, and being a good person, while also being Boss.

2) Start Up: a podcast about building a company from the start up phase to sustainable business phase. The production quality of Start Up is the best out of any on this list. If you are inspired by entrepreneurs with a love of all things silicone valley, Start Up will turn you on.

3) The Portfolio Life: a hit or miss podcast about business, writing, blogging, and life by Jeff Goins.

4) The Life Coach School: free life coaching sessions provided by Brooke Castillo

5) The School of Greatness: inspirational, empowering 5min - 1hr talks by Lewis Howes