How to Deal with Negative People

Don't let other people's aggression and unsolicited advice bring you down. 

1 Fail Proof Way to acknowledge that, in fact, haters gonna hate:

Say "negative Nancy alert" & move on.

Don't let her suck your brain power.

Don't let her suck your brain power.

The said person may have a valid point, the person can see things from a perspective that isn't rose colored with enthusiasm + determination. But do not quit what you are doing because of a negative Nancy, or react. (Responding is okay after you have thought about the incident, but do not react.)

 Reactions are emotional, not logical. Tweet that gem.

I take unsolicited advice, for what it is and say "negative Nancy alert" in my mind (not out loud or I might get into a fight), and then continue. Continuing is the most important part. Next, reflect back on what just happen, try to get into his/her head and figure out why he/she was giving you this comment. Is he/she insecure? Does he/she want you to fail? Is he/she seeing something that you are blind to? Now is the time to respond if you wish or let it go. Did you just start singing Frozen? What has Disney done to us? 

Walt Disney's Mickey mouse idea was turned down because gasp, women wouldn't be able to stand the sight of huge mouse!

You know what Walt did? He said, "negative Nancy alert." Okay, that's not exactly how it happened, but he didn't just throw out the idea of Mickey mouse. He did the work. And now you can enjoy Disney World and Disney Land. Thanks Walt.

Go be magical,

Vera Lou Shaw


+ tips on how not to get hit: 

  • ignore the person
  • do not engage
  • duck
  • beat them up first*

*Vera Lou Shaw does not condone beating people up.


What is the worst negative nancy experience you've had? Let's chat about it below. How did you handle it?